National First Responder Center & America’s Firehouse

The National First Responder Center & America’s Firehouse (NFRC) project’s mission is to build and operate the first museum in the Nation’s Capital that provides an educational center for its citizens and first responders and celebrates the long and proud history of the country’s many volunteer and professional firefighters and emergency technicians. Will be located at the intersection of New Jersey Avenue and E Street, NW, a short distance from Capitol Hill in downtown Washington, DC.

The project involves three components: 1) the museum, 2) a new, modern fire station serving the Capitol complex and surrounding neighborhoods, and 3) out-lease space to generate funding for the new firehouse and to support the museum’s construction and/or operations.

First Responders have been the backbone of communities across the US for over 250 years and respond to every type of natural and man-made disaster. Over 32,000 fire and EMS departments exist in every State, every County and most municipalities. Approximately 1 million First Responders serve as America’s ‘Domestic Defenders’ with an average annual loss of life ranging between 100 and 125 paid, part-paid and volunteer First Responders. No national showplace for First Responders currently exists in the nation’s Capital. Millions of visitors to Washington, DC each year visit the FBI Building to learn about our brave law enforcement officers and the protection they provide every day to the American people. No such Center exists as a showplace and information center for fire and emergency service officials.

Planning, design and construction of a NFRC is contemplated on New Jersey Avenue that would include the continued operation of the New Jersey Avenue Fire Station. A new multi-story building would be constructed in the air rights above the Fire Station and on the incorporated parcels. In addition to the working fire station for citizens to visit and observe, lower floors would be dedicated to the National First Responders Museum displaying memorabilia owned by the Smithsonian Museum as well as DC Fire Museum. The Museum would be open to the public every day. Located on the upper floors would be leased offices or residential apartments that would generate funding to augment the NFRC’s mission.

NFRC will immediately become a national attraction for visitors to DC. It will serve to educate the citizenry on the history and ongoing service of America’s First Responders. It will honor and celebrate that service. Critically, it will provide a forum where First Responders and citizens alike can continue to learn about best practices to enhance prevention and preparedness.